Gabrielle Chanel

My admiration for Coco Chanel transcends the fashion aspect. it is hard, almost impossible, to not recognize her mark in the fashion world when you are a fashion designer like I am.

OMG! It’s Summer Time

Is there a season more adapted to women empowerment than summer? We have all come across the pictures of Marilyn Monroe proudly wearing her retro bath suit in the ’50s, or Brigitte Bardot, sensually blooming under the sun of St Tropez in the ’60s at least once. Women have been fighting for their social, financial, and political emancipation for the longest time, using their most potent weapon: sensuality

Be Wild and Nothing Else

Lila Nikole’s designs were so gorgeous we simply had to put them on our cover. So of course, we also wanted to take the opportunity to talk with her and dig a little deeper about her fashion aesthetic and plans for the future. The Lila Nikole Collection has established itself as one of the most commercially popular brands while still retaining its fashion-forward credentials. She became a nationally recognized brand after her fourth appearance on BET’s Rip The Runway in 2013, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of visitors to her website and her continuous success made us wonder more about what drives her and what are the resort-wear trends she is fashioning for the rest of us. She was gracious enough to spend time with us and satisfy some of our curiosity about this immensely successful Latina woman.