From The Depths of Ennui

My name is Marina Luz de Santos Jadwiga Fernandez-Wozniak, but everyone just calls me Jaddie. Even my parents doubted their sanity after a couple of years of introducing me.

In The Spotlight: Robin Jacobs

Robin has held leadership positions in multiple philanthropic organizations. Her societal contributions have been recognized by many organizations including the City of Miami Beach, the Miami-Dade County Mayor’s Office, and the Florida House of Representatives.

The Infinity of Imbalance

Balance is one tragic little word and one tragic little world. Some concepts are so fragile, yet rule our entire lives. If you don’t pay attention, if you just so much as shift your focus from your own vibe, there it is: already gone. If we are all somewhat seeking balance in life, the reason is very simple. It is a natural thing to seek happiness, and true happiness cannot happen without peace. And what could feel more peaceful than that exquisite state of nothingness, in which you expect neither past nor future?

More Than I Miss You

“If I could create life, why wouldn’t I be able to create a fashion label?”