In Her Moment

A catastrophic earthquake tore down half of Haiti in 2010 that Carolina experienced herself.

The Promise

Has the word ‘leader’ triggered that cryptic, mixed feeling inside you? No one wants to feel like a follower – we all like to think that we are able to make our own choices. But few want the responsibility that comes with bringing minds together.

When the Ordinary was Not Enough

With hyper-dynamic presence, much passion, and determination, Chantalle targets women and men who want to express joy to the world with bold colors and styles that are flirtatious, contemporary, and, at the same time, elegant. Her ethos of environmental sustainability has Chantalle constantly on the lookout to give second chances to fabrics, colors, and people.

Beauty Through Chaos

Does Avant-Garde fashion lead the industry through its edgy innovation and its desire to slyly spit on conservative convention?