Faded Escape

I have learned and experienced the value of having others who fight for me. One who walks beside you, believes in you, encourages you, builds you us, validates you and your pain and experiences, and who speak out the truth of your authentic self even if you can’t yet see it.

Lost Within Himself

Why do I yield to that suggestion? Whose horrid images doth unfix my hair, And make my seated heart knock at my ribs?

When Your So-Called Virtue Becomes Your Greatest Vice

I met Juan the third time I moved to Bogotá, Colombia. We had friends in common, and we likely met at a party. I don’t remember. We were never close, but we kept running into each other. I always knew Juan was a hardcore party animal. He’s always had a reputation because he’s an alcoholic and will take whatever drugs he gets his hands on.


The Vanitas theme and the subject of passing, beauty and death offer many possibilities for interpretation in the context of design and art, mainly thanks to the rich symbolism that touches upon many fields and issues. This traditional view of earthly aspirations and material things as vain, allows for a number of references, including through colors, form, materials and details used.

We Need More Ambition

The fashion industry includes truly diverse entities, from individuals to global companies and educational institutions. Getting these participants to agree on almost any topic or trend has been hilariously tricky. Nonetheless, the industry has been successful in forcefully communicating its sustainability credentials. And it’s clear from journalistic reporting that many committed, thoughtful fashionistas and companies are innovating to reduce the negative impact on our environment. But the sad truth is that despite high-profile attempts at improving the fashion industry’s impact to global warming, there is more and more waste is being produced every day.

A Path to Tolerance

The Tolerance Project join forces with Miami International University of Art & Design to convey this important message so much in need nowadays.