A Summer Must Have

For the 2022 summer season, Nadia Chellaoui created a playful, breezy bag with an intellectual twist.
Nadia is a Moroccan painter inspired by Cubism, an avant-garde art movement that revolutionized European art, music, and literature at the start of the 20th century. In her work, Nadia analyzes objects, such as the hint of a face peeking through flowers. Then breaks these images into pieces and reassembles them in an abstracted form. Like her fellow Cubists, Nadia depicts the subject from many viewpoints to represent the subject in a greater context. Initially, Nadia focused on painting and gained a following in her native Morocco, but her imagination was piqued by the idea of transferring her pictorial works onto fashion accessories. So, in 2017, Nadia entered the world of luxury leather goods. Nadia Chellaoui's works are easily recognizable through their ingenious shapes and beautiful imagery. The Calips'Oh bag was her first creation and became the brand’s premier symbol. The development of her brand was hugely supported by Moroccan art and business groups since it increased the demand for native embroidery and leather goods. Nadia called her bags “transportable works of art.” This summer, Nadia turned to a new medium, burlap. In Rabat, Morocco, these burlap bags, named the Ann’Ah, are hand-embroidered with flowers of varying summer colors in her workshops. The bag’s shape and size were designed to allow someone to pack all the necessary accouterments for an afternoon at the beach or a long sensual lunch sipping cocktails at an open-air café. It is a comfortable and elegant accessory that will add sophistication to any summer outfit. Carrying such a lovely transportable work of art will allow Nadia’s patrons to demonstrate to the world how cheeky and clever they are as well.