When I created AVESSA,

I envisioned bringing back what fashion was back in the days: a vehicle of luxury, creativity, and fantasies, but without the celebritism (if that’s even a word) that unnecessarily wastes our time – so we can focus and enjoy fashion at its purest form.

Secondly, in this world of fast and shallow information, I felt the need to show that fashion is more than mere garments. So we combined the art of fashion with contemporary and inclusive stories, opinions, and cultures that are honest, personal, insightful, provocative, and respectful – through the eyes of our diverse network of contributors across multiple geographies.

At the same time, I also believe in highlighting the importance of local talent and innovation through upcoming fashion designers. So we created a solid partnership with The Fashion Group International of South Florida, Miami International University of Art & Design, and Istituto Marangoni Miami.

I know that nowadays, you have many choices, most notably digital marketing. But the experience of touching and feeling a high-quality printed magazine in your hands is incomparable – and that’s why we decided to publish with the best materials available to our budget, so we can ensure your message is conveyed at its full potential.

By advertising with us, you do more than showcase your business. You become part of an idea. An idea that together, we can create a community of like-minded people that not only care for fashion but is dynamic, enthusiastic, and intelligent.

I am honored to provide you with a new possibility.

Flávio Iryoda

Founder and Editor-in-Chief


In the spirit of making things easier, we have simplified our ad offerings. Contact us: [email protected]

Our target in 2023 is to publish on a quarterly basis.

Type: spread (2 pages)

Placement: first pages, before the start of the content.

1 issue: $1,500 per spread
2 issues: $1,250 per spread
4 issues: $1,000 per spread

Type: spread (2 pages)

Placement: in between pages 30 – 120 (depending on the issue)

1 issue: $600 per spread
2 issues: $550 per spread
4 issues: $500 per spread

Small & Medium Business: 10%
Local South Florida Brands: 15%
MIU / Istituto Marangoni Miami / The South Florida Fashion Institute Alumni: 20%
Fashion Group International members: 20%
Ukrainian Brands: no cost (restrictions apply, please contact us)

Type: Single (1 page)

1 issue: $2,000
2 issues: $1,800
4 issues: $1,500

Audience: fashion accessories, beauty, food & beverage, books

Type: shared space

Placement: Objects of Desire column



Today we operate mainly via print on-demand and small batch printing for our closest customers. But our immediate objective for 2023 is to distribute 500 – 1,000 copies of our quarterly issues in Miami and Miami Beach. 

For every issue, we will provide status updates on the total number of printed copies and their distribution as we progress further. The more customers we acquire, the more magazines will be printed and distributed.

AVESSA preserves the rights to approve or reject ads ensuring alignment with its editorial vision and customer base.