An Exhibit for Peace

Joining hands in Blue & Yellow representing Miami Beach’s existential magnetic colors of the Sun, Beach, Water & Sky with the colors of the Ukrainian Flag, ten Manolis Projects Artists, under the initiative of RCSB Art Platform, presented 30 unique works in a juried Exhibition. 
ART CREDIT: Ron Burkhardt, Sun Sky, 2022 - Acrylic on Canvas

As people entered the Fuego and Mar restaurant in the Ritz Carlton, one could feel enthusiasm and hope. These are not particularly easy emotions when commemorating Ukrainian’s desire for peace in the middle of a terrible war. But given the current success of the Ukrainian armed forces, it did feel like a time to celebrate. So, on Thursday, October 6th, the Ritz Carlton and Manolis Projects Gallery presented a blue and yellow-themed Art Exhibition. The various artists that displayed their work not only represented some of the best contemporary art in Miami but were also cleverly selected to link the colors of the sun, water, and sky to the colors of the Ukrainian Flag. 

Ron Burkhardt’s painting “Sun Sky” had a primary place in the invitation to the event, but other artists such as Carol Calicchio and Samuel Gomez were also on hand with their gorgeous work.

Guests were offered a gin cocktail, as blue as the sky, and champagne as they appreciated the art and considered the wonderful idea of finally stopping the bloodshed. Many charitable events have an objective, almost distant relationship to their honored topic. But in this case, guests seemed quite genuine in their sincere desire for Ukraine to return to its peaceful existence. People joyfully wore blue and yellow clothes and actively discussed the hope for peace. There was a seriousness in the air and an expectation that one day instead of only imagining the beauty of this troubled country, we would be there in person. Standing in the golden European sun and hearing the joyful murmuring of the Kyiv crowds once again.

Participating Artists:

  • Ron Burkhardt
  • Carol Calicchio
  • Samuel Gomez
  • Bruce Helander
  • Jill Krutick
  • Aurelia Majorel
  • J. Steven Manolis
  • Timi Ogundipe
  • Annemarie Ryan
  • Camilla Webster