Art to Wear
Lisu Vega continues the breakdown of body stereotypes as well as using art as fashion with her Rope collection.

The new Lisu Vega collection continues her exploration of wearable art. Lisu has always been known as a multidisciplinary artist, but she is also a fascinating designer that can completely overwhelm you with her creativity. In this collection, Lisu explores 100% sustainable designs that focus on separate pieces of art that can be layered on other clothes or just the body itself. 

She has delivered beautiful clothes that highlight femininity and play with different fabric textures which at the same time look complex but utterly natural. Lisu explores using the rope as a piece of clothing and integrating this rope with separates to create a unified but customized outfit. 

The rest of the collection is composed of blazers, dresses made of surplus fabrics, adjustable pants, recycled semi-leather tops, and sculptural rope dresses. The majority of Lisu’s pieces look fitted and crisp, but they are also adjustable for any woman’s shape. Her Rope Project maintains her focus on sustainability upcycling. 

For Lisu it has always been important to highlight the breakdown of body stereotypes as well as using art as fashion. Lisu’s designs utilize a person’s body as a canvas where gorgeously hued and intricate ropes intertwine with traditional daywear. The beauty of this collection is that the rope art can be used as individually unique pieces that encircle your body with an organic flair.


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