Forgiving is God’s Business

FASHION EDITORIAL IMAGES CLOTHING: BALIAWEAR STYLING: ALVINA LAM PHOTOGRAPHY: VALERIA BELLOT MODEL: REBEKAH VAUGHAN When the pandemic was declared by the who, I was living in north Bogotá, Colombia in a small studio where I had created a little, thriving garden in the balcony, a beautiful tiny jungle for...


“This year’s Swim Week is extra special for our students, who are delighted to reemerge after the pandemic and proudly present the collections they’ve been so passionately working on”, says Oscar Lopez, Miami International University's Fashion Department Chair

Welcome to Krel’s World

Having access to Karelle Levy’s atelier is definitely a privilege, one that’s available to anyone willing to buy her knit garments that truly hug and celebrate the female body, or one of her surreal and kooky dolls! The sound of Maggie -her knitting machine- in the background is like...

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