Bárzaga debuts The Conqueror collection
Bárzaga by Alejandro Bárzaga debuts his collection "The Conqueror" at the historical Alfred I Dupont building during the Confidential fashion show in Miami.

The Confidential Fashion Show was held on a scorching Miami evening in the historic Alfred I Dupont Building, using its beautiful South Ballroom as the central spot for the runway. This room is enormous and encased in marble, topped with lovely art-deco ceiling murals, and gated with a bronze grill that makes one think of Ottoman seraglios.

It was a hectic evening with avant-garde fashion, original music, and a reality television program being filmed. One of the multiple purposes of the evening was to provide a forum for well-established designers to intermingle with other designers who are just starting creatively.

Sensational artist Alejandro Barzaga was the show’s highlight as he presented his latest collection. Alejandro combined his Mexican and Cuban heritage into a glorious burst of original ideas that resulted in the creation of complex and beautiful clothes. Many of the fabrics that Alejandro used were custom-made and hinted at the Mesoamerican glyphs found in ancient sculptures and architecture of the Maya, but his designs also breakdown conventional norms. 

For example, one of his outfits combines the familiarity of a trench coat that has a circular cutout and belts draped on the hips. It is a mixture of black wool and gorgeous ruby-red fabric. One can see in Alejandro’s design a sense of rebellion or disobedience to traditional styles. 

Another gorgeous dress that evokes his aesthetic is a floor-length black gown and veil embedded in his Cuban-Spanish heritage. The model dramatically entered the room as if she were a Spanish duenna fresh from landing in La Habana. The circular skirt had enormous volume and swung across the runway. It was daringly paired with an open-breast corset top. As the model glared at us from under the veil, one could smile at the sophisticated defiance of Alejandro’s vision.

Alejandro Barzaga told us: “My brand is inspired by my culture. Part of them came from the Cuban folklore and the Mexican folklore. The clothes have my own drawings, and that’s going to be very distinctive.”  With this collection that intertwined Alejandro’s cultural past with his uncompromising artistic vision, you are already hungering to see what’s next. 


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