On Virtues and Vices Celebration

Fashion designers, artists, beauty professionals, photographers, models, and writers gathered on a special night to network and celebrate our latest magazine issue.

Not a Refugee

There comes a day when you must decide which way you are going.

Who Runs The World?

Women come in every shape, size, and color, and we celebrate them through this selection of powerful characters styled by Styling students from The Miami International University of Art and Design, with some of the best designs from the school’s latest Spring Fashion Show. Dangerous goths in furs, modern-day princesses that don’t need knights to save them in the urban jungle, Studio 54 glam girls, the rich woman that knows how to spend shopping, and a cyberpunk that can surf the deep web like no one.

Faded Escape

I have learned and experienced the value of having others who fight for me. One who walks beside you, believes in you, encourages you, builds you us, validates you and your pain and experiences, and who speak out the truth of your authentic self even if you can’t yet see it.

Lost Within Himself

Why do I yield to that suggestion? Whose horrid images doth unfix my hair, And make my seated heart knock at my ribs?

When Your So-Called Virtue Becomes Your Greatest Vice

I met Juan the third time I moved to Bogotá, Colombia. We had friends in common, and we likely met at a party. I don’t remember. We were never close, but we kept running into each other. I always knew Juan was a hardcore party animal. He’s always had a reputation because he’s an alcoholic and will take whatever drugs he gets his hands on.