Category: Fashion

When the Ordinary was Not Enough

With hyper-dynamic presence, much passion, and determination, Chantalle targets women and men who want to express joy to the world with bold colors and styles that are flirtatious, contemporary, and, at the same time, elegant. Her ethos of environmental sustainability has Chantalle constantly on the lookout to give second...

Once Upon a Kimono

The traditional japanese garment gets a new spin with contemporary and minimalistic design, showing endless possibilities by turning it down, styling it up, to become your new versatile piece with much social design, hope, and feeling; through the delicate hands of local traditional sewing culture.

Passionate Couture

When you first meet Tammy Apostol, creative director of TA Couture, you immediately notice her incredibly warm personality and lovely smile. Then it hits you. She looks gorgeous both as a person as well as in the clothes she wears. She is the best advertisement for her collections. Tammy...