The Vanitas theme and the subject of passing, beauty and death offer many possibilities for interpretation in the context of design and art, mainly thanks to the rich symbolism that touches upon many fields and issues. This traditional view of earthly aspirations and material things as vain, allows for a number of references, including through colors, form, materials and details used.

We Need More Ambition

The fashion industry includes truly diverse entities, from individuals to global companies and educational institutions. Getting these participants to agree on almost any topic or trend has been hilariously tricky. Nonetheless, the industry has been successful in forcefully communicating its sustainability credentials. And it’s clear from journalistic reporting that many committed, thoughtful fashionistas and companies are innovating to reduce the negative impact on our environment. But the sad truth is that despite high-profile attempts at improving the fashion industry’s impact to global warming, there is more and more waste is being produced every day.

A Path to Tolerance

The Tolerance Project join forces with Miami International University of Art & Design to convey this important message so much in need nowadays.

Breath of Freedom

The Freedom collection by fashion designer Rosita Hurtado was created especially for the second edition of Gala de Ángeles by the Latin Angels Foundation during Art Basel Miami.

Time and Time Again

Had the fig leaf never fallen, providing a canopy for the Earth below, humans would still live naked, and the body would be all there was to show. Unadorned and barbaric, burdened by the capricious whims of nature.

Pushing Through

Would you take advice from someone who never follows through on their own advice? Would you listen to a close friend telling you to be patient when they are one of the most impatient people you’ve ever met? Probably not.

Once Upon a Jacket

The black leather jacket is a fashion staple. It can switch up the vibe of any outfit, making you oh-so-chic. It brings an edgy statement and is a classic. It is great for transitional weather yet perfect for you all year round. It looks fresh and trendy but is so versatile and timeless. There are so many options that we could possibly imagine. Even if you are glam, the jacket will make you look even stronger.

Unnaturally Natural

Gemma Hirano is the CEO of Japan’s first vegan skincare brand “Unnaturally Natural”. During university, a friend of hers had a bad skin reaction to a skincare product and that’s when she realized how difficult skincare is, especially when trying to find the products that are right for your own skin. This led her down the road of skincare where she eventually launched Unnaturally Natural.