Close your Eyes, Pick a Card
It’s been a year. A long year that has presented itself as a bringer of challenges and with the premise that “life will never be the same”.
The Pandemic has changed us all, and even though our old routines seem to start to be getting back to normal, we still feel the uncertainty of what the future holds. It is in moments like these that as humans, since the beginning of time, we find ourselves looking for answers. Maybe because we’re desperate, or just to find some hope or solace. The stars, the palm of the hand, and the cards have always been “books” written with ink only visible to those who know how to interpret the signs and symbols. In this case, we turned to the Tarot Cards to ask what the future will bring to our world while we constantly adapt to the upcoming hurdles. The Rider Waite is considered the most popular Tarot deck in history. Created by Arthur Edward Waite and represented by the occultist and illustrator Pamela Colman Smith, it is widely recognized because of its primary colors and full symbolism figures from the Major Arcana; the 22 cards from the deck that portray the big characters that most people remember. My students picked three of these cards to create a full Past, Present, and Future reading that showcases The High Priestess, The Star, and The Hermit, styled as they would imagine them if they were seen with fashion lenses.
The Star is all about indulging the senses in luxury, romance, elegance, love & fashion
Star card whose numerical value is 17 indicates that in last two decades, (specifically in last 17 years), fashion has made great strides. The Star card indicates that it is all about indulging in the senses, in luxury, romance, elegance, and love, good fashion sense and all things the planet Venus rules. The Star card also indicates that besides good fashion sense, this period has been all about comfort and stability in fashion as well. Much thought pattern was put into upgraded wardrobe staples in high-quality fabrics and rich neutral tones. Even the most basic of pieces can have Venusian upgrades with gold accents and unexpected details. The Star card means hope, spirituality, renewal, inspiration, and serenity. Fashion has evolved beautifully during all these years. As indicated by the Star card, the fashion industry is about emotional attachment, loyalty, and excitement for brands. Until now, brand love and brand loyalty has remained dependent on the sustainability attributes that a brand enables or builds with its consumers.
The Star Tarot card shows a naked woman kneeling at the edge of a small pond. As she bends, she engages in a purification ritual, letting go of that which no longer serves her and instead embracing the flow of life. One of her feet is in the water, symbolizing her spirit, and the other one on the land, depicting her inner strength. The bird standing on a branch interprets the holy Ibis of thought. A large star floats above her head, representing her core essences. She is holding two containers of water, which symbolizes subconscious; pouring it on the ocean and the land, nourishing the earth and ensuring its fertility. When The Star appears in a reading, we are likely to find ourselves feeling inspired. It brings renewed hope and faith and a sense that we are truly blessed by the universe at that time. It symbolizes strength to carry on with life. It’s a beautiful card with a deep and powerful message, like a rebirth of some kind. It’s a card I chose for the future because I’m hopeful. When I was creating my look for this card, the first thing I thought of was turning her into a mermaid. The card has both land and water so I figured this mythological being would be the perfect fit and symbol for it. In my Image, the model is holding two seashells as the water containers. Consciousness pouring from inside the big shell on the ground. She was also wearing a huge showgirl headpiece which was a representation of the Ibis in the back. The oversized starfish earring on one ear represents Venus, the brightest star in the sky.
The Hermit fosters creative power, fashion, and luxury with much abundance & wealth
Hermit card shows curiosity of this fashion-conscious generation to explore new designs, clothing, styles and so on. Over time, the new replaces the old. People are influenced by popular culture, including athletes, musicians, movie stars, social media, and royalty. They also pay attention to what people wear in popular films, television shows, online videos, books, and music. In this way, fashions constantly evolve over time. Patterned leggings and leggings in general, flower crowns, high-low dresses, chokers, tiny eyeglasses, high wasted shorts, crop tops, oversized cardigans, ripped jeans made deep inroads into lifestyle of young generation. It seems the current fashion-conscious generation will continue committing to what feels aligned. They will continue trusting their gut feeling and instincts. The fashion-conscious generation will continue leaning into juicy, creative power and will let this feeling of luxury envelope all their experience. Abundance and wealth are a mindset, and now all have the chance to lean into this more than ever. And dress the part to remember that they are worthy and deserving of this prosperity.
This card resembles a time of reflection and Soul-searching. The Hermit is typically withdrawn from society and finds comfort within their own space. It finds solitude through prayer, meditation, and personal development. As a hermit myself, I wanted to express the religious side that many choose to follow when looking for the answers within. The inspiration came from multiple sources but mainly the Judas video by Lady Gaga. I admire the bejeweled details and glamour from each of their looks and wanted to embrace the same essence through my photoshoot. Each prop was carefully crafted to capture the raw elements between the card and Catholicism. I started out by picking the glass candle holders that I had to spray paint gold and combined them with a dark red candle that took hours to torch. I was determined to create the effect of a vintage candle dripping in wax. I have seen this before and the churches of Bolivia many years ago. The darkness and enlightenment I felt were the same feelings I wanted to convey through the photoshoot. The lantern that is guiding her through the dark is the most essential prop to portray this message. Where there is darkness light follows.
The High Priestess is all about fashion elegance, grace, magnetism, and attraction
High Priestess card is all about elegance, grace, magnetism, and attraction. Fashion trends themselves will become more simplified. With many people working from home and social distancing for the foreseeable future, fashion brands will tone down their styling in favor of comfortable loungewear and clothing that works for sleeping and living. Even after the pandemic, clothing will likely stay simple and comfortable. Some emerging trends that today’s youth will be considering the norm in the not-so-distant future is digital clothing, digital people, and full transparency from brands. They will be ready for anything that gives comfort, and feeling inner power, whatever the circumstances. People will allow the style and glamour they inhabit in future to help them heal and accept the spiritual well overflowing within themselves. There would be spiritual transformation for most of them and it would be for their highest good. They will channel their higher self through some simple, intentional, and fabulous glamour. Their heart, their empathy, and their intuition have all led them here, and now they get to bask in what is bloomed for them.
The high priestess represents wisdom, intuition, and divine femininity, and in an upright position suggests that it is time to retreat and reflect upon the situation and trust your inner instincts to guide you through it. Things around you are not what they appear to be right now. There are elements in the depiction of the high priestess that suggest a mix of eras and influences such as Egyptian, Medieval, Catholicism, and Judaism, which all served as inspiration for this interpretation of The High Priestess, wanting to show her in a way that reflects her mysticism, eventually taking an Arabic/Middle Eastern approach that suggests the idea that The High Priestess is portrayed as a genie; mysterious, wise, intuitive and spiritual.


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