Couture Teddy Bears
Inspired by one of the world’s most recognizable references in soft goods and combining the glamorous art of haute couture, Nicholas Moncada introduces Couture Teddy Bears.
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In our recent millennia, the idea of the teddy bear was first conceived in honor of America’s 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt, who paid mercy to a bear in a 1902 hunt. Inspired by one of the world’s most recognizable references in soft goods and combining the glamorous art of haute couture, Nicholas Moncada, Hotelier by Day & Couturier by Night, honors us with Couture Teddy Bears. Wielding authentic dressmaking techniques, heirloom beading, pattern making, couture embellishing, and fabric manipulations, these custom teddy bears are uniquely designed, cut, and sewn by hand. Using fabrics and ornaments from his past dressmaking, vintage finds, and thrifting, Couture Teddy Bears aims to create sustainable luxury while remaining fabulous. Nicholas pays reverence to antique legacy sewing whilst staying mindful that each piece of art is inspired by local causes and charities close to his heart. These sculptures of couture art are not just a masterpiece from his personal atelier but are Couture Teddy Bears with a Purpose as a portion of proceeds earned are dedicated to local charities. Nicholas inducted himself into the fast-paced world of fashion by costuming and sewing at mass for local theatres and dance troupes in my teens in high school. He then had the distinct privilege of being formally trained and earning my degree in New York City’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, specializing in couture tailoring and special occasion. With this, he had the honor of designing couture embellishments and gowns working seasons into the future with Fashion Avenue’s most elite houses. He was mentored under some of fashion’s greatest names selling to the couture departments at Neiman’s and Bergdorf’s (to name a few) and attending fashion week shows regularly. Signature to his soul, he finds himself in the whimsy of teddy bears in conjunction with his passion for craftsmanship. The crystals, trims, and ornaments are his medium with which Nicholas painstakingly sews onto his teddy bear canvas with the same techniques and meticulous skills required in creating a couture evening gown. In this next chapter of his life, his atelier is booming in America’s Caribbean, sunny Miami Beach, where Nicholas has reflected on his collective knowledge to create these one-of-a-kind custom couture art sculptures.

Black Malefecent Bear

Inspired by the flair of dance, theatre and costuming, this Couture Teddy Bear pays ode to the authentic essence of the performing arts. The grande Rorschach beading is hand crafted with Czech glass bugles, cup sequins and seed beads delicately sewn onto jet black oil base canvas, accented with a tassel train finale. This dramatic jet beading adds a pop of moodiness drawn from the element of drama.

Kitty Cat Bear

This feline design is influenced by the unfaltering love and beauty of Animalia. The starburst beading features a cat cameo surrounded by Czech glass bugles encircled by an ombre of silver lined pink seed beads hand sewn on a precious cotton cat canvas. Appointing this Couture Teddy Bear is an organza glitter pussy bow crowned with an authentic vintage brooch.

Purple Tweed Bear

Royal purple coco-tweed is infused with the glamorous essence of delicate hand sewn lavender aurora borealis flora appliqués. Immersed in a crown of amethyst pointback crystals, this Couture Teddy Bear shines in inspiration for the grace, strength, and power that is the matriarchal magic of Women.

Rosette Bear

Over one hundred individually handmade rosettes envelope this chocolate shantung Couture Teddy Bear. Inspired by our Greatest Generation, a centennial of rosettes seamlessly link to create a magnificent quilt cage floating above the pure silk base.

Ruby Ribbon Bear

We honor and pay tribute to our cherished loved ones lost to and struggling with HIV/AIDS. This Couture Teddy Bear flourishes in the tradition of Victorian ribbon embroidery. The ravishing cardinal silk shantung base is ornamented in organza flora dripping with ruby caviar and seed bead piston tassels.

Pink Blossom Bear

Nature inspires this botanical masterpiece featuring delicate gold alençon lace hand appliquéd onto vintage olive green silk shantung base. The rich gold appliqué is embellished with blush pearlescent seed beads. The gold cordonette is accented with matte olive beads capped with precious amber seeds. Blossoming from this Couture Teddy Bear are individual hand melted pink and blush organza petals.

Lavender Galaxy Bear

In honor of our Trans Community who are fighting for equality and love. Exquisitely beaded voilette tulle is intricately hand sewn in an array of aurora borealis sequins enveloping an iridescent lavender taffeta. These couture embellishments summon collective resilience with dimensional clusters of iridescent galaxy marbles, silk chiffon covered cosmic flat-back stones, and hematite lavender pearls.

Felt Succulent Bear

This striking southwestern Couture Teddy Bear is gracefully hand sewn purly in the medium of wool felt. The natural stone colored base is beautifully juxtaposed with succulent floral appliqués. This desert oasis couture creation wears felt foliage elegantly glistening with metal dew drop beads.

Champagne Bear

Be transported to this beautifully elegant metallic champagne Couture Teddy Bear. Immersed in the vintage glamour palette of soft gold metallic faux leather. This perfectly adorned treasure is hand beaded, paying homage to the traditional print layouts of the world’s most famous luxury couturiers.

Pink Leopard Bear

Our elegant yet fun beast-inspired, pink leopard Couture Teddy Bear whimsically adorns each leopard spot with over one thousand rhinestones. With extravagant appliqué embroidery, threadwork foliage and florals are delicately kissed with an accent of rosé crystals and beads.


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