Luis Aponte’s new collection Liberté represents the freedom to embrace your true self and relinquish boundaries.
fashion designer: luis aponte models: Damien Lenore and jon pastor photographer: flávio iryoda
Liberté embraces self-awareness along with introspection to reflect the inner spirit. Like bounded ropes, society binds individuals to certain standards. In this collection Luis Aponte was inspired to slash these ropes and release the true innermost self. The Liberté collection uses vibrant colors, cut out details and exposed skin in a bondage setting to represent the contrast between society expectations versus personal desires. The fabric selection for the Liberté collection transitions from soft velveteen to textured sheer and sparkled sequins fabrics. The textiles and silhouettes depict the feelings of lust, love and freedom which evolve from self-discovery. Liberté is the interpretation and liberation of true inner expression envisioned throughout this collection.

Shawn Men’s Swim Thong

Ansel Men's Swim Briefs

Rio Men’s Swim Thong

Raul Men's Swim Cutout Briefs

Freddy Men’s Swim Thong

Remy Men’s Shirt

Armando Men’s T-shirt

Justin Men’s T-shirt


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