Metamorpholutism: Rerouting the Mind
Why would you want to evolve? Interesting question. Sometimes, it feels like all we do is try to survive another day at work. Each of us holds the infinitely small, a seed of creation tugged away in a deep inside corner. It’s the secret to one another, the secret of life, and the grounds to base your own life.
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Luiz Camargo Model: Natalie Fiallo Hair & Make-Up Artist: Mili Rottjer Photographer: Flávio Iryoda

And if you have the guts to dig in the depths of your mind and share your creation with the world without the fear of being judged, maybe you are ready to evolve. 

By evolution, I mean that creative urge to metamorphose that allows you to reinvent yourself in a heartbeat. A state that you instinctively and proactively look for; a state of discomfort that you know will birth more later. It’s easy to say, not that easy to do. And that is why this opinion piece is aimed today at the mind willing to engage in a deep metamorphosis and get out from it scarred, maybe, but stronger, surely. 

Life is hectic nowadays. You know it, I know it. It’s no secret that the rat race has caught us and is nibbling on every part of the day. The only things that can still make us happy are those that force us to create. Creating, instead of swallowing up the rules and being mesmerized by the riches shining around us. Instead of scurrying about for a slice of the cake, giving is the solution. For the purpose of life lies not in riches but in understanding that the cycle of human life makes the world sense full. 

Creation is love. And love really heals. The only catch is that all the energy you radiate must be positive. In some strange way, forgetting about your stress and setting out to create and give love allows your mental prison to release you. 



As a freelancer for many years now, I have been working from home quite a lot. I have floated through the stages where I was extra-happy, motivated, and ready to eat up the world. I have been able to create and recreate myself, but I have also experienced the down-lows of carrying the burden of building something for myself.

It is excruciatingly painful to reroute your mind and evolve when all you do is stare at yourself and your art. Get out of your head. Ask for help. If you are a freelancer, a small business owner, or an artist of sorts, you will understand what I mean pretty well. The secret to one another is understanding that we are the same, looking for someone to help carry the weight on your shoulders. All souls want to be relieved, especially when digging deep to create and linger in the head-stuck zone. A relieved soul creates powerful art. So, how do you relieve your soul?

Stay close to Earth. For some reason, remaining in touch with natural elements helps me keep my sanity. As much as you can, see and feel the water, rest under the trees, and feel the rain on your skin. Feel that you are part of something bigger, however different you strive to be from the masses. For feeling that you are an individual, at times, only makes you feel alone, lost, and incapable of moving forward.



In the past, you might have dealt with being stuck with irrational and hurtful-to-yourself means. Like everyone, you certainly have had a type of preference for some things that are not, actually, a preference. They are a habit: substances, workaholism, and extreme behaviors. Extreme behaviors, in some way, are conformism, and, looking back, they reflect your inability to move on.

Move on from what, exactly? From thinking that you are not enough, that your creation is bad, that no one out there will understand or trust your reasoning, personally and professionally.

It just takes a few new habits to reset, and although they take only a few minutes a day, the proof is in holding on to them. Consistency. I could tell you to meditate, to try to calm down the voice that urges you to push forward even in the moments when you can clearly not give any more. But you’ve probably read that time and time again, and truthfully, I want you to finish reading this article completely clear with your mind and yourself on how to evolve, with more than a simple “Meditate, and it will all be okay.” I want to help you become an entirely upgraded version of yourself, a soul that loves, that gives out the most it can, and that in return, feels the soothing excitement of love. It’s easy. The more you give, the more the World shows love to you. It is the simple equation of love. With balance, patience, and remembering that the Other is a reflection of you, you naturally give out love and hope. And you know how karma behaves: what goes around, comes around.



You might sometimes wonder about the past, thinking that in the old you had it much easier. The truth is, our memory embellishes the past, glossing over relationships, creations, and life patterns. You might have done some extraordinary things in the past and are still alive. If you are still willing, the universe is willing to give you as long as you give first. It is a rule that will allow you to make peace with your past and understand where you might have gone wrong (although I do not believe in making bad choices except those specifically meant to hurt ourselves). Naturally, you will marry that newfound living-in-the-present mindset with lessons learned.

The past has to die because it can not survive the strength of the present. All control lies in the present, and the past can explain what happened and probably why, but it cannot control the outcome. If you’re serious about evolving and shifting your mindset, you cannot use your past to define who you are. Do not try to force yourself into situations and mindsets that do not belong to you anymore. Going back to the subject of love, it cannot flow in when forced. Love invites itself in whether you are trying to create a play, write an article, build a fashion collection, or network with other people. Make lists of the thinking patterns that used to work for you, and ask yourself if they can still be applied in the present.

At some point, do not forget that you need to get back to your power zone, or as I like to call it, my ‘reset zone.’ I am not able to empty my mind for long minutes without any noise around me, but I am interested in bettering myself in any mental way possible. If you are like me, look into a practical way to meditate, like reality shifting, which allows you to embrace a new kind of reality while meditating actively. This way of resetting helps you get back to an aligned state of mind, a state of non-expectation that gives way to any offerings the universe has in store for you.



Why is everything so fragile and unstable? The universe has ways of reminding us to stop and appreciate the beauty of every moment. Funnily enough, as we’re growing up, we forget to enjoy the infinitely small and hidden secrets behind every action, thought, and creation of nature. For those searching actively for ways to evolve, I suppose it is not an ordinary everyday life you are looking to live. Rerouting your mind expects from you all degrees of openness and being able to let down the guards in a world where man is a wolf to other men.With love rather than fear, you can really grasp the whole meaning of evolution. You’re digging deep into yourself, and you’re trying, by this means, to understand the Other while understanding yourself. As darkness does not exist without light, and everything is duality, you can not understand yourself entirely without the echo of the Other’s presence. It is not necessarily impossible to love with ego, but it does make it harder. The communication barriers are higher with ego. Ego also hinders your creation process. It would help if you remembered that even in the process of putting yourself out there, you are safe and can take a break any time you might need it.




For many of us – maybe all, the single thought of losing your way gets us in a choices’ dementia. It is the product of many people’s influence, in my opinion, for one person to understand where they are going in life. However, it is this person’s only task to reset regularly to avoid losing their end goal.

Whatever love feels now, it is. Our modern world is crippled by the fear of making bad choices. Wherever there is love, the choice is correct. As I approach my thirties, I understand now that all control we think we have over life backfires when we become too confident. Letting love flow in and circle us rather than trying to control its every aspect is the only way to choose the right path. Are you trying to find your purpose in life? Or maybe, you are trying to understand whether a such-and-such person is the love of your life? How will you know what is right for you?

It can help to remember that the Other is a reflection of you and that to love and be loved is a natural need for human beings that needs to be fulfilled. Still, as much as you love the Other, you must love yourself. I don’t see another way for you to forget to engage love and its pure meaning… and with your soulmates lies your success. No matter how individualistic we might think we are, love is a group effort. Society is a group effort. Maybe each of us has the same purpose, and understanding that your purpose is one and the choice was never yours would help us feel less stressed in our everyday life. To fulfill your role in the community. To follow your inspiration and instinct, for in those lie endless possibilities.



We care a lot about what other people think. We’ve got social media invading our every day, leading us to believe that some differences are more valuable than others. If I had been given a dollar for every time I thought, ‘I wish I were someone else,’ I would have stopped working ages ago. Understand that Other is similar to you in just the right ways to make the connections you personally need to be happy, and your inferiority syndrome will disappear. We all have different keys that open our own doors. Don’t try to open someone else’s door; you would risk breaking your key.

We’ve each been gifted with a background that serves us specifically, shaping a uniformity that will help anyone we love specifically as well. Understand that your unicity is different and can never be changed. It would be some deep craziness for me to try and be Michelle Obama or Pamela Anderson. Yet, like each of us, I wanted to steal features and parts of their personalities when I was younger.

I permanently changed when I stepped back from society and worked a ‘normal’ 9 to 5. I changed when I reclaimed my freedom, forcing me to adult faster than I ever thought possible. As much as you need other people’s presence and support, craving loneliness signifies that you are ready to step up, evolve, and reroute your mind. You already have it all inside.


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