In my creative process, I have always been blessed that inspirations have come to me and not the other way around. In the years I have been designing, I have never been at a loss for a story to tell. Thus far, every one of my collections has expressed an intimate and personal story that reflected not only my overall journey but also a specific point in my life.

For some time now, I have told several stories, and my collections have covered many different narratives. Since starting my fashion journey, I have consistently trained my brain to look forward and backward. Backward for inspiration and forward for relevance. As a creative person, I review my history to give a voice to my vision of the world and to keep in sync with the constantly moving and unstoppable fashion industry. Without my education and experience, I would have never been able to keep up with fashion’s pace. What I had never wanted or even imagined to have to face or experience was a sudden and immediate stop. When the pandemic hit the pause button, everything and everyone in my world just halted.

After my initial shock, I realized that the pandemic gave me the incredible opportunity to look sideways for the first time in my life. Not backward, not forward, but sideways. And in the middle of that pause, while others saw confusion, I saw detail and clarity. 

In this context, my previous collection, Balance, spoke about how I thought we could all reclaim our sense of normalcy. It talked about the value of balance, not as a way to give different elements equal importance but as a way of having different elements properly and effectively arranged and considered. And with that understanding came the realization that Balance was the frame of a broader picture. One that, in my humble opinion, demanded a better understanding of and a higher purpose for humanity.

In ballet, everything starts with balance. Either a pose or movement requires balance as a starting point. This means that balance not only precedes all action but also allows for what comes next. Extrapolating that concept to our human journey, balance becomes the state required for all of us to do what comes next successfully. Two thoughts became vividly clear to me: the first was that the message of Balance was still relevant. The second was that I wanted to continue the dance I started with Balance, not only because of its relevance but also because of the nature of both life and ballet.

In life, one must change to advance successfully. This thought led me to Darwin and how he discovered that the species that were able to survive were the ones that were able to adapt to their changed surroundings. Adaptation becomes the answer that allows us to keep going because adjusting is the basis of evolution. And evolution is the key to success.

One of my favorite quotes says, “Every transformation precedes the letting go of a previous state.” Although that sounds simple, this idea implies leaving behind what you were and what you knew to be effective in discovering and welcoming what is waiting for you. I have always found this concept adventurous and terrifying at the same time. The element of the unknown that surrounds any transformation can be pretty daunting. In that sense, I find myself envying every being that knows what it came to this world to be and does not question it. French philosopher Sartre famously said, “man is condemned to be free,” and I agree. Free will is one of the most critical elements that differentiates humans from all other animals, providing us with infinite possibilities and endless burdens. Freedom to choose what you want to be gives humanity a much deeper dimension. It also means that, unlike the evolutionary process of other animals, our process’ success is not guaranteed. Evolution does not have a repetitive pattern and therefore has infinite possibilities. The only thing we know for sure is that success can only be achieved if we let go of our previous state.

This idea of evolution made sense to me, and it also shed light. Evolution is necessary for continuance, and it is also required for knowledge. Evolution can be our most important goal and our most cherished tool. It is on behalf of evolution that we build our future, and through evolution we succeed in doing it. And for a second, I saw our society as one of those species on the Galapagos Islands, looking sideways and trying to understand their surroundings, attempting to decipher the “new normal,” and trying to comprehend how and what to adapt to keep going forward. I saw all of us as this caterpillar with the incredible possibility of becoming a butterfly. That image illustrated in such a beautiful and simple way not only what I saw but how I felt. And that is how Metamorphosis came to be the story for this collection. This concept became the perfect way to encompass this message of evolution in a way that could resonate with everyone. Metamorphosis perfectly embodies this powerful story that affects all of us and follows Balance’s inspiration superbly.

Thus, both of my collections have a greater sense and message since they are being told one right after the other. You can always tell a story. But only when you live that story is when you can transmit it with a greater level of detail, commitment, and understanding. And so, before envisioning society as a caterpillar, I decided to see myself as a caterpillar. I chose to look at my surroundings and understand them so I could adapt and evolve. The concept of metamorphosis became the perfect incentive to embark on this journey that would take me to the next phase of my work.

When I became a fashion designer, I also chose fashion as the means to communicate my vision and tell my personal stories. Fashion is an incredible language that has the unique ability to reflect and transmit the spirit of the times. With Balance, I wanted to represent how we were trying to connect with ourselves and do our reset. With Metamorphosis, I addressed the need to move forward and embrace what the future holds for us, both as an opportunity and an evolution. I lived my metamorphosis, which is the story I share through this collection. Although it is personal, I also hope it is representative of other voices that have undergone a similar transformation. I hope this collection can humbly represent all who, like me, have gone through such a process and come out of it stronger and ready to face the new adventures this life has to offer. I wholeheartedly believe that the best is yet to come. Let’s embrace it.


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