Miracles in Motion
Feel the beauty of the local beaches which are as close to paradise as you can get.

Martha Medeiros is a stylist who is famous for valuing and promoting northeastern Brazilian crafts. She created the “Azul Milagres” brand so that people all over the globe can sense the energy and see the beauty of the local beaches which are as close to paradise as you can get. Her “Casa Martha Medeiros” is in São Miguel dos Milagres, in Alagoas. Martha states that the unique shades of blue tourmaline, the native coconut trees, and one of the largest barrier reefs in the world were her natural inspirations for the collection colors that weave through her beautiful garments.

Martha Medeiros’ creations all share common characteristics: extremely practical clothes, easy to live in, light breezy fabrics with no buttons or zippers that, exude comfort. The jewelry is rich in detail and made using shells and corals based on a regional handcrafted aesthetic. Milagres also uses lace throughout her collection such as the coal prints, the FILÉ lace which is typical of the region, and the Renaissance lace print. 

Martha showed us dresses that flowed and contoured to the body, kimonos, and a variety of skirts. Finally, no collection inspired by the gorgeous beaches of her hometown could resist showing us richly embroidered bikinis and bathing suits, and accessories that should be considered as unique art as well as beautiful clothes.


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