OMG! It’s Summer Time
Is there a season more adapted to women empowerment than summer? We have all come across the pictures of Marilyn Monroe proudly wearing her retro bath suit in the ’50s, or Brigitte Bardot, sensually blooming under the sun of St Tropez in the ’60s at least once. Women have been fighting for their social, financial, and political emancipation for the longest time, using their most potent weapon: sensuality
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Nowadays, the fight against sexism is still on, and the many debates about the difference in salary and rights between men and women are inflaming tv sets and social media. Women are continuously striving for a better consideration of who they are and what they want. They want to wear trouser suits without being called a man, they want to wear miniskirts at night without fear, they want their art to be recognized without hiding behind the name of a man. They don’t want to be systematically the stay-at-home parent, and they don’t like to be considered fragile. And as gender equality is not fully established yet, we still need to hear the words “women empowerment.” When Rosa Parks refused to give her seat to a white man, not only did she become a symbol for the black cause, but she also placed herself on an equal level with men. When Simone de Beauvoir published ‘The second sex,’ the Vatican placed her writing on the list of forbidden texts, but she became one of the first feminists in the world in doing so. These two women were fighting for their rights and have unveiled serious social issues. After women obtained the right to vote in most countries, the social pressure about beauty became more prominent than ever. That is what the current women’s empowerment movement is trying to fight, supported by many personalities. Emma Watson, Hillary Clinton, Beyoncé, and even Billie Eilish stepped out of her comfort zone in her latest Vogue boudoir photoshoot and taught us never to stay locked up in some virtual box. All these women have paved the way for women empowerment, accepting our differences, and the rejection of social injunctions. Following their steps might sometimes be tricky, so we have prepared for you a little guide on how to take control and be more confident, especially this summer! The first step in empowering yourself as a strong woman is to feel like it. Summer is that time of the year where you want to feel like a goddess in your swimsuit and be able to overlook any judgmental gaze on the beach. After all, we have survived a pandemic and have no more room for bad vibes! Mentally or physically, here are some tips you can use to feel on top this summer.
CLEAR YOUR MIND. All you want this summer is to feel the peace in your mind. Whether it is by reading an enriching book and having deep stimulating conversations, what you need to do is take a deep dive into real life. Declutter your apartment to evolve in a clearer and organized space - mens sana in corpo sano! The possibilities are almost infinite for you to broaden your mind: free your creativity on a canvas, sew your own clothes, spend some time with animals, watch your favorite comfort movies, and spread the beautiful colors and energy you have been keeping secret in your head for the past months! With a clear mind, you will be able to see the world with fresh new eyes, grasp things with better perception, and feel the earth tremble under your feet. RELEASE THE TENSION. Your body is probably screaming for help after the long days you have spent working hard. No worries, it is time to pamper yourself for a moment. Empowerment is all about feeling the best version of yourself, isn’t it? Release the stress with a consistent workout or stretching routine, drink a lot of water, and switch to a heartwarming yet balanced diet. Do not hesitate on the massage session you have been discussing with your BFF for months! It is your time to chill, cucumber slices on the eyes, clay mask in your hair, and cream on your skin! You will need an utterly relaxed version of yourself for the accomplished woman to-do list we have prepared for you.
You probably do not want to hear it this raw and challenging, but it is a fact: your period won’t stop during summer. There are a few ways for you to feel amazing and simply not care! Why should you deprive yourself of the chocolate you are craving during your period? Why couldn’t you wear that little red dress because you are feeling bloated? Why would you prevent yourself from wearing an indented swimsuit because you haven’t waxed your bikini line? Too much social pressure would make you think that your very own body is taboo. Well, as a reminder, it is not. You have the right to feel bad for a while because of your period, acne, hairs, stretch marks, or cellulite. And the one telling you they have never had any of these is a liar. Yes. Even men. Don’t let any shame take the place of your inner peace. Even if you let yourself go through a moment of weakness, be sure to come back stronger than ever. A little tip for our girls in pain: the Netflix documentary ‘Period. End of sentence.’ is a must watch for the way it depicts the normality of being a woman bleeding to repopulate the earth. We can not run from ourselves, so we have to learn who we are and the place we deserve in the world. Women have proven many times, and will continue to show that they are whole human beings. They don’t need any pressure, anybody or anything to make them feel alive. And in the most remote areas of the world, in the deepest parts of nature, solitude is a tool that enables us, humans, to recharge our batteries and to rebalance our wills and goals. The cheapest is the best. Rush yourself to the nearest lake, forest or viewpoint and enjoy your connection with the world.
If you are not quite into nature, why not fly to Rome’s historic and must-seen ruins, the Eternal City? There, you will have plenty of time to appreciate the cultural benefits and culinary specialties for our greedy readers! Los Angeles is a staple for a casual chic trip: soak in the sun and inhale the cool sea breeze of Santa Monica. Finally, head towards Kyoto if you want to learn more about the dying story of pure geishas! However, it is not always necessary to travel the world alone to empower yourself as a woman. Sometimes, it only takes dinner in a fancy restaurant, a bouquet, or going to the movies by yourself, because what is more beautiful than enjoying your own company? Besides being in phase with yourself and affirming that you don’t need to be accompanied to bloom, you will spread an encouraging message of freedom to the women who see you enjoying your own company. Summer is sometimes seen as a period of decadence. A period during which it is easy to do what men have been doing way before women even allowed themselves to talk about it. Fun. Parties. It is the time to go on new adventures—the kind of adventures that will give you the sensation to own the world.
Have you ever thought of a parachute jump? The adrenalin spreads throughout your veins just before jumping in the vacuum, and the feeling of pride explodes once your feet touch back the floor. About the tattoo you have been eager to get for months: nothing would be more empowering than having the courage to engrave your skin with something that truly represents you. Your relatives have been hearing about your start-up projects for weeks: grab the opportunity of some wasted minutes to build your own empire! You have passed by the racing track of your city so many times that you can barely count them. It is time to step into it. Ask for a helmet, and jump in the racing car! We all have a list of the dreams we want to fulfill before dying: swimming with sharks, climbing on the Vesuvius, seeing the Niagara waterfalls… As a woman, you should not expect the permission or the approval of anybody to jump deep into the unknown. And the pride you will feel, the happiness of sharing a new story with your family and friends, and the bittersweet memories you will build are undeniably worth it!
Finding your woman-empowered style will be very easy this summer. Even if you are a somewhat shy woman, you can still compliment your simple outfit with some statement jewelry: do not hesitate to use and abusing bright colors or bold texture! Give that look a personality: yours! You can still rely on more discrete materials: silver, gold, or rose gold which will give you all the class you need to make heads turn! Also, you can always count on pastel colors that will balance a cute and girly style and the peps of a confident woman.
If you are more of an out-there woman, mixing patterns may be tricky but a choice to affirm your strong, bold personality. A must-have texture? Leather. Pair mini leather shorts with absolutely anything, and you will be sure to attract attention to your much-empowered look! Some of us are fond of a hippie-chic style: turn yourself towards jean fabrics and warm camel colors. You can also add a couple of long necklaces. Layered, they will adorn your bust and do the job of the whole outfit. This way, you will look like a free-spirited woman, ready to catch every opportunity life gives you to be happy! Instead of waiting for January 1st to make new resolutions, why not take them now, when summer is about to start? If women empowerment had a motto, it would probably be “take power, break the codes, transcend accepted ideas.” Society will always have a word to say on everything you could do. Too dark or too light-skinned? Too big or too lean? Too prudish or too extravagant? You will always be too much of something for the people around you. Well, we suggest that you don’t let them walk past your limits because what they consider as your imperfections is actually what makes you unique in this world, and you should use that as a striking weapon to empower your true self.


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