Once Upon a Shirt

The white blouse, an iconic fashion garment, received a fresh styling by using its crisp, clean look as a foundation piece. It brings elegance and modernity to any outfit and is one of the most versatile items. It can be the key to turning unique accessories into an incredible outfit. It’s universal and matches any color; bringing balance to outfits with vibrant colors.
shirt: pisla, AVAILABLE AT AVESSABAZAAR.COM Fashion Stylist: Natasha Tabunova Female Model: Alleya Slagter Modeling Agency: Posche Models Male Model: Hleb Tabunou Hair & Make-Up Artist: Mili Rottjer Photographer: Flávio Iryoda

Sunset on the Beach

Wearing the blouse with jeans in an uncomplicated way evokes dreamy nights on the beach as you gaze at the sunset. Comfortable? For sure, but still elegant and seductive.

Wine and Dining

Men should not be left out of the fun. This blouse is used as a traditional white shirt that elevates a masculine outfit into something more relaxing and luxurious, entrancing you to get closer.

Cycle Love

Many of us, at times, want to be regarded as a tougher, “don’t mess with me” version of ourselves. Nonetheless, we don’t want to scare off gorgeous bikers. So, pairing skintight leggings and a bra-style top creates a look that attracts, not repels.

Glamorous and Enigmatic

The tone-on-tone lace body suit and pear harness are exquisite by themselves. But after being paired with a white blouse, the look softens to something that can easily be worn to a less avant-garde over-the-top event. But be ready to be admired, talked about, and looked at.

Echoes of Bridgerton

Paired with a colorful corset, bringing sexy back into our wardrobes, the white blouse is the glue that holds together the bolder pieces. This outfit is about feeling empowered, confident, and having fun. Plus, nothing says sexy like rocking your underwear as outerwear.

Country Chic

A white blouse paired with flamboyant cowboy boots and an ornate western belt provides a sophisticated outfit. The blouse can help transform the idiosyncratic and bold looks of western accessories into higher fashion.