Roaring Back With Happiness

“One hundred years ago, the Spanish Flu receded and the Roaring Twenties made its spirited debut. Here we are 100 years later. While we all do our best to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19, my hope for this season is a return to parties,” said Tadashi Shoji.
With springtime returning, the idea of a fresh start was prevalent throughout tadashi shoji’s spring 2022 collection. Tadashi shoji, an american-based japanese fashion designer, is well known for his evening wear and special occasion fashion. This collection was inspired by the roaring twenties with its dramatic social and political changes, and it encourages us to forget the dismal past year. He created these chic midi dresses and runway-ready gowns to evoke that new spirit of celebration with a focus on living in a wilder, glitzier, and more dazzling way. Shoji played up lace insets and intricate ornamental trims, such as flapper fringes and embroidered tulle cap sleeves, not only to provide an elegant foundation for the collection but also to emphasize his glamorous aesthetic. His color palette included vibrant florals juxtaposed with gorgeous jewel tones as well as textured blacks and whites. The first look was a gorgeous daytime dress with a pink floral print and a flounce skirt. You can easily imagine daisy buchanan in this dress as she cruelly flirts with gatsby in her east egg garden. Another standout was a silver, one-shoulder empire draped gown that evoked a blossoming rose.
Tadashi shoji’s styles were designed to exist in the beauty of a moment, captured like lightning in a bottle. You can close your eyes and hear the uncorking of more champagne and the sound of laughter as cocktails are happily drunk after midnight. In the end, that’s what new york fashion week was all about this season, reinventing ourselves and moving on to greater times full of life and hope. The key to tadashi shoji’s collection is the return to parties and he delivered that with a lot of glitz and glam which signaled a more cheerful time and the hope of happiness for the festivities that will come.