She Comes in Every Color
Join us and discover Julianna Suplicki's incredible sense of fashion.
photo courtesy: julianna suplicki

Julianna Suplicki is a 21-year-old woman who attends my Monday, 8:00 am fashion trends class at the Miami International University of Art and Design. I think she was wearing something dark when I met her, I can’t remember well, but I know I was very impressed because of her warm and kind approach to introducing and excusing herself for being one week late to class as she had just moved from Clearwater, FL. She manifested being very motivated to be in Miami because her views would finally make sense, at an emerging fashion capital school. I said yes when she asked if I wanted to see her Instagram account, and that’s when my eyes popped as I went through her images in awe, I couldn’t stop thinking: does she know what she was wearing? So I asked and suddenly her conversation showed great knowledge about designers, fabrics, materials, and craftsmanship that sadly, is very uncommon in younger people.

Jacket: Diane Von Furstenberg, Shirt: Comme des Garçons, Shoes: Anine Bing.

Shirt: Gucci, Bag: Coach, Shorts: TheFrankieShop, Shoes: Martine Rose.

Hoodie: Versace, Skirt: Yohji Yamamoto, Shoes: Gucci.

Shirt: Raf Simons, Shorts: Burberry, Shoes: Margiela, Belt: Peter Do

Sweater: Number nine, Jacket: designed by herself – Studios Artefacts, Pants: Peter Do, Button Sash: Stefan Cooke.

Kimono: Vintage Japanese original, Pants: Vintage, Shoes: Rick Owens.

The photography was great, especially when I found out that the whole production team behind her editorial luxury fashion images was a one-man show: All the credits belong to her. She is her own fashion editor and has been creating stunning amateur fashion visuals for her Instagram account since 2018. Showing off her dedicated curation of her private collection of precious pieces of apparel and accessories from high end brands and even already pricey pieces designed by herself and commissioned to professional jewelers and tailors that bring to life the crazy ideas that constantly pop in her colorful brain.

Her inspiration is nature, animals, and minerals especially. She loves them both and collects the latter while enjoying life with a regal-looking Maine Coon cat. You would think that someone who owns a rare blouse from the Jean Paul Gaultier’s FW 1998 must be a millionaire, but she isn’t. Proof that you just need to be good at fashion research and have a good eye when shopping for second-hand luxury fashion, which is Julianna’s favorite.

Pants and Hat: HediRaiser, Bag: Jackson and Hyde, Shirt and Vest: Vintage.

Pants: designed by herself, Jacket: Acne Studios, Bag: Balenciaga, Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent.

Jacket: Ader Error, Pants: Y-Project, Tie: designed by herself – Dewolfe Leather Goods, Shirt: YSL, Bag: IEIRB – Tokyo Leather Atelier, Shoes: CK205W39NYC

Jacket: Jean Paul Gaultier, Shirt: Yves Saint Laurent, Skirt: Y Project, Shoes: Margiela, and Sash is Stefan Cooke.

Hat: vintage, Sweater: Ann Demeulemeester, Pants: Army of Me, Shoes: Rick Owens, Vest: IERIB – Tokyo Leather Atelier.

Shirt: archive Jean Paul Gaultier, Pants: designed by herself – Dewolfe Leather Goods, Vest: IERIB – Tokyo Leather Atelier, Shoes: Rick Owens.

And the reason why she loves it is not just because of how obvious it is that she has fun with it, but because of her appreciation for quality. She saves money, does her homework to know a lot about her favorite designers, and finds pieces that most people would not be after because they don’t dare to be fabulous when dressing.

Definitely, someone to have your eyes on, Florida. Disciplined, driven, and hungry to show the world that Miami is not just uniformed tanned mannequins in bodycon dresses, fake lashes and waist-length hair extensions, and can actually be creative and forward. The following is a selection of some of her self-portraits in a neutral dominated palette, which took forever to curate because it was so difficult to chose from such a well crafted catalog. A reminder for those who dare to follow her path, she’s not just muted tones, she’s a rainbow. 


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