Submit Your Work

Would you like to submit your visual art (photography, illustrations, mixed arts) or creative writing (opinion, story, review) content to AVESSA Magazine?

Please read carefully our guidelines below:

  1. There is no guaranteed publication. 
  2. Only accepted submissions will receive a response. Please refrain from contacting the magazine team regarding approval, rejection answers, any dates and/or any type of requests.
  3. The submission may be selected for the printed version or digital online only; this decision is taken solely by the Editorial Board and does not require the consent of the submitter.
  4. Updates will be provided on our website, social media channels, and Email Marketing.
  5. Submitted content shall not be removed from the magazine, and any digital platforms once published.
  6. The digital version of the final article will provide links (dofollow backlinks) to the submitter and participating team members. Please ensure credits are accurate, as submitted credits are final, and there are no changes after publishing.
  7. We are currently unable to provide magazine hard copies. They should be ordered via Print-On-Demand. The link to obtain it will be published on our website.
  8. The digital version of the magazine, along with its separate online article, shall be available on our website.
  9. A link to download digital tear sheets will be provided accordingly.
  1. Your set of imagery should contain a minimum of 6 up to 12 photos.
  2. The minimum resolution accepted is 300 dpi. The color space should be CYMK.
  3. Your imagery set does not require to be exclusive and/or unpublished.
  4. Do not submit Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated images.
  5. Images shall not possess watermarks.
  6. Credits of all team members will be provided and must be listed with full name (first and last name) in Latin alphabet. Make sure the names are listed correctly, no changes are accepted after the submission.
  7. The submitter must possess written consent and release forms of all team members and talent in the imagery.
  8. Your final imagery will be watermarked with our logo for digital online publishing.
  9. AVESSA reserves the right to select and publish any number of images and to edit, crop, and transform images.
  10. Images may be used to contextualize written editorials and shall not be removed from the published magazine issue and/or website after publication.
  11. Please submit by sending an email to [email protected] with low-resolution image files. Once approved, our team will ask for high-resolution images.
  1. Your article should contain a minimum of 1,200 to 2,500 words.
  2. AVESSA prohibits plagiarism and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.
  3. All references and quotes must be clearly stated.
  4. Your article must be exclusive and/or unpublished.
  5. AVESSA reserves the right to review, edit, and modify parts of the article submitted, including but not limited to its main title.
  6. Please submit by sending an email to [email protected] with your article in the email body (no attachments).

Ready, Set, Go!