The Embroidered Soul of Ukraine: L’eskizzo

Founded in 2006 as a mono-brand of blazers, and we still keep the same focus.

We built our “universe” around structured clothes; our main line is women’s suits. We tried to offer the best variety of models and colors so that every Ukrainian would associate a case with L’eskizzo. I say “we” because I’m not alone; there is a team of firm believers behind me. And namely the team remains to be the most vital driver and my greatest inspiration. We have a showroom and design office in Kyiv, located in the same building: the creative team and showroom are run by the managing director, stylist, designer, and seamstress. Our production is based in Zaporizhzhia. 

Four years before the war, we doubled sales yearly and planned to open a new shop in Italy. Due to our production and constant restricted capacity, we postponed this event. When the war started almost two months after we closed the design office and the showroom, all the team members left Kyiv and went to the different villages of Ukraine. The general mood was down; after some time, we gathered together on a call and decided to continue no matter what. We hired the agency to get a consultation and dedicated our time to reviewing who we are, what we did well, and what can be improved. We elaborated a marketing plan on how to upgrade and promote the brand and aimed to focus our efforts on building up the brand abroad and exporting the suits abroad.

Meanwhile, the team kept working remotely, creating new places and releasing new collections in Ukraine according to the initial plan. We did video trials and sent samples by post. This work not only helped to create a base for further work but also kept the team motivated together. After two months, the team returned to Kyiv; we reopened the showroom, announced reopening, and received a wave of sales from our clients who left abroad and those who restarted work and life here in Kyiv. That was unexpected and motivated the whole team to work harder.

Since the war started, we didn’t lose any employees; we financially supported those who left Kyiv and went abroad for a while. Now everyone is back, motivated to work even harder to achieve goals. I can proudly say that the team is the primary key to success, and with the L’eskizzo team, there is no chance of not succeeding.