The Embroidered Soul Of Ukraine

Discover four Ukrainian brands and their perspectives on the war.
Photo Courtesy: Laresta, L'eskizzo, Dyka Spidnytsia, OMG Shoes & Wear

“Beauty will save the world,” Fyodor Dostoevsky once said, and this quote captured our imagination. It speaks to our current circumstances, and since humanity constantly searches for hope, this quote can be a source of inspiration and energy to recover. In the history of the world, there were days when style and casual looks were reinvigorated after wars had ended. That’s how tiny-waisted long skirts came to be, the “A-line,” a simple but perfect stylish cut or even new fabric. The persuasiveness of a real masterpiece makes even the most brutal hearts surrender. That’s why Ukrainian designers and fashion showrooms are in the public eye today. Their life has recently changed entirely, and it is impressive to create beauty when there’s so much fear and chaos around. Business and production in Ukraine have had to follow a new path. Business owners are forced to satisfy creditors and maintain a solid credit score for future procurement of products and services. Many productions have focused on the defense industry due to the impact of war on companies in neighboring suffering regions that may need to shift their supply chains and customer base to account for the circumstances. The participants under pressure have to rethink everything, and industries, such as technology, will feel the pressure to change existing business models more than others. However, such enterprises can be proactively involved in or impact the circumstances, leading to victory or failure. So, who are they? Those who embody Ukrainian traditions, culture, and style in their sophisticated designs. They told us about their art – the art of living and surviving. 

Discover the Ukrainian Brands