Tokyo Thrift
Thrifting or buying secondhand has been around for a very long time. It can have the reputation of being something that only people who are struggling financially do it, but I hope to break that stereotype.
Fashion Stylist: Miyuki Kudo Hair: Hana Ochi Photographer: Atsushi Kishimoto Women of the Earth models: Ulala Mikami, Wakako Yamana, Sayo Miyamoto, Nanami Kaneko, Miyuki Kudo, Erika Ishibashi, Nana Ota
Thrifting is incredibly environmentally friendly, and there are so many different ways to thrift nowadays! Even if you’re not comfortable buying secondhand, you can always donate instead of throwing away clothing you don’t wear anymore. In Japan, thrifting and buying vintage clothing have become very popular. Going from store to store trying to find valuable vintage clothing has become a whole culture. Now because of this, you’ll find many expensive thrift stores in Tokyo. It took me some time and a lot of research to find an average-priced secondhand store in Tokyo. Still, the one thing the rise in popularity did was breaking the stigma that buying secondhand was gross or unsanitary. About 85% of the clothing I currently own is secondhand. Even when I was younger, I enjoyed shopping at thrift stores because it was so much more exciting to find garments there than at regular stores. There is also so much of the same clothing when going to regular stores, whereas thrifting, every piece is unique.
Obviously, there are more of that same somewhere in the world, but I really enjoy the feeling of being the only person - or one of the very few - around me who has this piece of clothing. However, the cherry on top is knowing that I’m being kind to the environment. The average American throws away 80 pounds of clothing every year. That’s absolutely insane, and it makes me wonder how much of that clothing could still have been worn by someone else. There are many easy ways to donate your clothes to stores or different organizations that help people in need. You can also sell them yourself for a bit of pocket money. Something I have always wanted to try is having a clothing swap party with my friends. We each bring whatever clothing we don’t wear anymore, and we all freely swap clothing. There can be food and drinks there, and it’d be a really fun get-together! Everything Women of the Earth is wearing aside from shoes is secondhand and wasn’t expensive. We all went to an average thrift store and chose clothing for this shoot because we wanted to show that buying secondhand is very fashionable. It will also help to test and develop your sense of fashion and styling. I also personally find it easier to find clothing that fits me at secondhand stores because clothing at regular stores is often trendy, and sometimes they don’t fit my body type or style. When we mention secondhand or thrifting, we tend to think of clothing, but I want to make a quick point to say this all can be applied to furniture as well. If you’re feeling the itch to redecorate or incorporate new and different pieces into your household, see what the local secondhand store has. Check on the web; there are many secondhand online stores available nowadays. Happy eco-friendly hunting!


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