The Vanitas theme and the subject of passing, beauty and death offer many possibilities for interpretation in the context of design and art, mainly thanks to the rich symbolism that touches upon many fields and issues. This traditional view of earthly aspirations and material things as vain, allows for a number of references, including through colors, form, materials and details used.
Fashion Designer: Weronika Wrzosek Model: Julia Grzegorowska Photographer: Zuzanna Wudarska

The avant-garde collection consists of unisex garments inspired by the broad symbolism of the vanitas motif and the message of the quote: “vanity of vanities, all is vanity”. The collection symbolically recalls the passage of time, the certainty of death and the futility of temporal goods, while at the same time drawing inspiration from old and contemporary art as well as current trends and ideas of famous designers of the 21st century.

The collection is intended for people aged 20-40 who like an extraordinary style, also taking into account the elderly, especially stage artists. The leitmotif of the collection is the contrasting of sprawling, shiny, large forms with elements associated with the decomposition of organic matter. Part of the structure is based on the use of crinolines. A large number of materials (50 types) of different textures, colors, transparency and openwork were used, and these contrasts were clearly emphasized in the styling. Hand-made or sewn-in elements made of materials that are not typically used in the production of clothing were used. The color range of the collection is rich: from white and powder pink, through brown and green, and gold, black and red.

About Weronika Wrzosek

Polish designer and artist, graduate of the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz and Lodz University of Technology. As an inspiration for design, she uses issues known mainly from medieval and baroque art. She works in the field of artistic installation and painting, as well as designing clothes, costumes and fabrics. It deals with the subject of passing, the materiality of decay, disinformation, destruction, alienation, loneliness and excess in the contemporary world.


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