Who Runs The World?
Women come in every shape, size, and color, and we celebrate them through this selection of powerful characters styled by Styling students from The Miami International University of Art and Design, with some of the best designs from the school’s latest Spring Fashion Show. Dangerous goths in furs, modern-day princesses that don’t need knights to save them in the urban jungle, Studio 54 glam girls, the rich woman that knows how to spend shopping, and a cyberpunk that can surf the deep web like no one.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Larry Barnard Art Direction: Juanita Crary Stylists Students from Miami International University of Art and Design


“When I first saw the outfit, a bunch of different ideas popped into my mind, but then it hit me; the 70s disco era caught my attention as it is one of the most significant musical and fashion movements. It was all about dancing and having fun partying. It was very appealing as it showed society your class and status based on clothing and all the outfits.”

By Sofia Saldarriaga

Styling: Sofia Saldarriaga
Set: Angelique Salcedo
Model: DeAnna May
Modeling Agency: Posche Models


“Society has evolved, and so have today’s princesses. This is the story of Aurora and how she has grown up to be her own savior instead of relying on men. She embraces her femininity while still leading her new concrete kingdom with grace. The hearts in her power suit symbolize the love she has for herself, and how she has focused on her personal growth to be able to survive in the modern world. More than surviving, Aurora is thriving as a princess by leading several charities around the city and making sure that she brings others up with her. She uses rosy, romantic make-up that has just enough shine to match the metal lics in her suit, which she uses instead of a crown that she considers to be patronizing to others. Aurora has adapted to the skyscrapers around her by being her unapologetic true self.”

 By Mabella Gonzalo

Styling: Mabella Gonzalo
Pantsuit: Laura Gómez
Model: Lina
Modeling Agency: Nicole Shelley


“Shadow Rover, also known as New York City’s finest young female hacker, is a 20-year-old who lives alone with her younger sister, who is 14. Rover and her group of elite young adult computer hackers live a regular, boring life during the day and surf the World Wide Web at night. Using the internet in the 90s was unimaginable for most people. Teenagers, like many others in our culture, are curious. Navigating the web was a method of escape for many of them, providing a sense of independence. Not only were they able to handle and search for anything they want, but also to develop the capacity to uncover something exciting and innovative. Cyberpunk is typically associated with artificial intelligence, class movements, and political and corporate corruption. Often defined as high tech, low life, it is essentially a society of modern technology inhabited by individuals who cannot afford the luxuries.”

By Maria Antonia Mazza

Styling: Maria Antonia Mazza
Pants and Jacket: Pedro Melendez
Model: DeAnna May
Modeling Agency: Posche Models


“Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived amongst the stars. Dreaming for her knight in shining armor to rescue her, little did she know the knight that would rescue her one late night didn’t ride horses or protect the kingdom: he owned the kingdom. Even though it sounds like an old fairy tale, my inspiration is Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman and her romantic and classic Cinderella-like transformation that helped her fit into a new social status.”

By Madeline Mandarino

Styling: Madeline Mandarino
Dress: Shaniele Gordon
Model: Lina
Modeling Agency: Nicole Shelley


“My work was inspired by the goth rocker Siouxsie Sioux. I wanted to portray her as a troubled dreamer who’s lost and wishes for a better life. My character has been through a traumatic childhood and has a femme fatale compulsion with a romanticized idea of becoming a mysterious serial killer.”

By Ximena Castillo

Styling: Ximena Castillo
Dress: Alejandro Barzaga
Model: Sierra
Modeling Agency: Posche Models


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